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Light beckons the heart
To seek everlasting hope.
Be a light of hope.

Haiku #9




Quiet solitude
Easing hearts into rhythm
Finding unity

Haiku #8


Good vibes.


Sending a very Merry Christmas, full of light, love and wonder out into the world today. There are miracles all around us, wondrous gifts of delight and magical reminders that LIFE is precious and that we all have a purpose to fulfill during our time here. Take time each day to exhale hope, compassion and joy into the lives of those sharing space with you. Only love and patience can drive out the negativity in our world. Only calm and peace can usher in the spirit of humanity that we all desire. Your greatest gift to the world is found in your daily interactions with life. The radiance you impart, the laughter you inspire, the comfort you instill in others is the legacy of you. And while you are spreading all the goodness that is you to world… sprinkle a little #hope #compassion #joy #love #patience #calm and #peace on yourself. Anoint your dreams in the belief that you are the key to achieving everything you desire. A life lived pursuing the truest of dreams leads to the most open of hearts. I can’t think of anything the world needs more at this time. Shine on. Shine bright. Light the way towards peace. Yes, today. But also every day. Namaste