About My Inspiration

I have always wanted to write.

As a young girl I found myself immersed in words daily… I wrapped them about me as a protective cloak and hurdled my way into the depths of their world. Barbie dolls and baby dolls were gleefully traded for books. They called my soul to wander and lust for adventure. They beckoned my soul to take root and grow steadfast in solitude. They tickled me into outlandish laughter. They tortured me into tearful agony. I lived them, breathed them and ingested them into the fibers of my heart. When the only answers you have are to make your own history from the words and images in your mind, they become a deft landscape of fantasy and make-believe out of which grows intense restlessness and yearning. Oft times, still, I feel more alive when teetering on the brink of the unknown just before turning the page, than I do in my own life.

It is my hope that my random life musings may ignite a spark that tethers your soul to the desires of your heart, or catapults it into otherworldly action the likes of which you have never dared to dream. In short, I hope I can speak to you, heart to heart, and maybe… just possibly… kindle the fires of change that will leave you sated in happiness, abundance, reverence and grace.

Love & Light ~ Kelly

psst… Please share with your friends! Soulbeams are not meant to be kept to ourselves…


whispers of truth. love. light. communion. abundance. nourishment. desire. and ALWAYS, laughter…

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