It has been about 9 months since I went through the divorce that had been coming for quite some time. I finally learned that the good times weren’t ever going to return and that holding on was only hurting us both more. You may want to believe that friendship can endure anything. You may try to bend yourself into every contorted position possible until you realize that the person you are trying to be for someone else is not even close to the person you are when they aren’t around. Growth comes from making the tough decisions. This has always been a challenge for me. Walking away from anything goes against every screaming fiber of my body. Yet, I did it… and I survived. In fact, I think I have grown more this year than ever before. Maybe… just possibly… cutting this cord had a special hand in the many leaps forward this year. To that… I am grateful. I can, and do, love from afar. Afar is so much easier with some people. Namaste to those close and those not so…