Who among us can sit quietly beneath the rustling trees, in their mighty strength & enduring wisdom, and not marvel at the bounty of this great Earth? Who cannot feel on the breeze the infinite whispers of truth and magnificence that have held firm since the beginnings of time? The gales have a language of their own. A language that is written individually for us all. Mine is different from yours. Which is different from the next. In the stillness, these giant totems of fortitude beckon us to step into the deepest regions of our personal truth and invite that truth into the light. Standing in the shadows of such vast knowledge and history, I am humbled and awestruck at the blinding beauty of life and the divine essence of our natural world. I stand firm in gratitude for a magnificent life, full of hope and grace, love and light. My heart is radiating pure love and beauty to all those in my circle today. That means… YOU! I invite you to stand with me inside the realm of infinite sacredness. Find your center. Release the before and after. Nurture your harmony. Captain your life.



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