I have had a love of written words for as long as I can remember. Written… because I can re-read, mull, let them gestate, turn them over and taste them on my tongue, rub them on my heart like a salve to heal whatever dis-ease to which they are speaking. I’m not hating on the spoken word (pardon the slang). I just have a less intimate experience of language rolling off of the lips. Unless it is accompanied by music. At which point it is really poetry carried through sound and transcends the realm of mere conversation. Words are a haven of solitude for those traveling this life in the shadows of conformity and normalcy. They resonate as an ancient echo of a long-forgotten clan who roamed this soil in much simpler times. They calm the restless and excite the revolutionaries. They have the power to spark bold new territories for the open-minded soul. They carry calming influence to those in the darkest hour of need. They offer up an experienced companion for those times when we feel alone and pave the way for survival of the far-reaching lonely depths. They offer hope for all that brings light into this world. For every negative one that has passed our ears and has harmfully been chiseled into our hearts… there are uplifting, promising ones carried on the whispering winds of the Universe ready to stitch over the wounds and graft new possibilities where we once thought impossible. This is why I write. It is what I love. So it is what I must do. When I sit, instrument in hand, the words often times just spill forth. No plan in place. They just come. And it is the most exhilarating, exciting, heartfelt joy I feel. It brings me alive and fills my days with sunshine. If my words bring a smile to one face (besides my own)… I am beyond blessed for the inspiration I can share. Love & light to all… Namaste.



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