So we’ve all heard the old adage “practice makes perfect.” It is easy in our busy lives to reserve this age-old cliche for tasks, goals, newfound hobbies or school curriculum. But what about the other areas in which we can enrich ourselves, our lives and our relationships? 

Life takes practice. There will always be curveballs thrown our way. Life is just simply not a straight line. Once we accept this fact, we can learn to not let the surprises, well… BE surprises. How do we conquer this and the resulting reactions we manifest? You got it… Practice! 

1. Silence. Carving silence into the day allows us the opportunity to quiet the mind and body, close the outside world outside of our personal space, and listen instead to the rhythm and song that is naturally beating out it’s melody to the deaf ears we often carry with us throughout our days. In the quiet our spirit stands in the space we’ve cracked open and has room to speak her mind, profess her wishes and sing our praises. The love and approval we seek outside of ourselves has a chance to expand within and nourishment has a chance to heal, strengthen and spill into the not-so-quiet times.

2. Gratitude. The more we consciously consider and give thanks for the amazing things that happen daily in our lives, the more those amazing things will appear. In those rushed moments of the day when the urge arrives to curse a blue streak at another driver, allow a co-worker’s actions to usher in negative thoughts, or the persistence of a needy child at the end of a long day leaves us ragged and aggravated… Stop. Breathe deeply. Take a moment to give thanks for the safe arrival to your final destination, for the job that allows you the ability to keep your family nourished and safe, or for the childlike wander and involvement that will be gone soon enough and leave you empty-nested and missing those tiny hands and voice. Give thanks. Then keep giving. You attract that which you project.

3. Humility. Humility feeds compassion and serves up love and acceptance in abundance. Stay humble. Practice giving up the ego. Practice. Practice. Practice.


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