The more we dig into the depths of who we are on the path to becoming who we are meant to be, the more obstacles are going to block the path. Of that we can be sure. Any journey of truth is a one fraught with lessons, bumps and bruises along the way. Sometimes the toughest thing is to just get out of our own way! Being present, fully, with those around us and letting go of ourselves is often a gargantuan task. I learned this lesson the hard way this week, and boy, did it make me feel small and selfish! Coming off of a wonderfully relaxing and restorative weekend, it was a gut-check that while I have been working so diligently to be present in each day, I am far from immune to falling into old patterns. I had a friend in need of emotional support unexpectedly, a friend I was excited to see in our so very short bursts of personal time together, and I kinda screwed it all up. My mind was definitely not in the present moment and far from in a loving place. Worst part? I didn’t even realize the impact my emotional unavailability had on her. We made plans for another day and parted ways. Still locked in my own head… I thought nothing of it. 30 minutes later… and for most of the better part of this week… It has never been far from my mind. She sent me a message describing her hurt and rejection. I was crushed, frustrated at myself, and disappointed that I wasn’t even aware enough to see past myself at the time. All’s well that ends well. We are fine. In fact, maybe a little more appreciative of the fact that we tackled it head on, communicated from a place of authenticity, and honored our friendship with honesty. Score: Friendship = 1, Misery = 0. While the experience was hurtful and disappointing, it would be much worse to not appreciate the lesson to be learned. Remaining ever grateful, present, and in a state of love is a work in progress. To be sure, the things we allow to crowd into our present moments are more than likely inconsequential to what is going on around us at the time. Stop. Take a breath. Let go of yourself. And honor the moment you are in, alone or in company… before the damage is done. Be grateful. Be present. Be love. Namaste




Who among us can sit quietly beneath the rustling trees, in their mighty strength & enduring wisdom, and not marvel at the bounty of this great Earth? Who cannot feel on the breeze the infinite whispers of truth and magnificence that have held firm since the beginnings of time? The gales have a language of their own. A language that is written individually for us all. Mine is different from yours. Which is different from the next. In the stillness, these giant totems of fortitude beckon us to step into the deepest regions of our personal truth and invite that truth into the light. Standing in the shadows of such vast knowledge and history, I am humbled and awestruck at the blinding beauty of life and the divine essence of our natural world. I stand firm in gratitude for a magnificent life, full of hope and grace, love and light. My heart is radiating pure love and beauty to all those in my circle today. That means… YOU! I invite you to stand with me inside the realm of infinite sacredness. Find your center. Release the before and after. Nurture your harmony. Captain your life.



I have had a love of written words for as long as I can remember. Written… because I can re-read, mull, let them gestate, turn them over and taste them on my tongue, rub them on my heart like a salve to heal whatever dis-ease to which they are speaking. I’m not hating on the spoken word (pardon the slang). I just have a less intimate experience of language rolling off of the lips. Unless it is accompanied by music. At which point it is really poetry carried through sound and transcends the realm of mere conversation. Words are a haven of solitude for those traveling this life in the shadows of conformity and normalcy. They resonate as an ancient echo of a long-forgotten clan who roamed this soil in much simpler times. They calm the restless and excite the revolutionaries. They have the power to spark bold new territories for the open-minded soul. They carry calming influence to those in the darkest hour of need. They offer up an experienced companion for those times when we feel alone and pave the way for survival of the far-reaching lonely depths. They offer hope for all that brings light into this world. For every negative one that has passed our ears and has harmfully been chiseled into our hearts… there are uplifting, promising ones carried on the whispering winds of the Universe ready to stitch over the wounds and graft new possibilities where we once thought impossible. This is why I write. It is what I love. So it is what I must do. When I sit, instrument in hand, the words often times just spill forth. No plan in place. They just come. And it is the most exhilarating, exciting, heartfelt joy I feel. It brings me alive and fills my days with sunshine. If my words bring a smile to one face (besides my own)… I am beyond blessed for the inspiration I can share. Love & light to all… Namaste.





So we’ve all heard the old adage “practice makes perfect.” It is easy in our busy lives to reserve this age-old cliche for tasks, goals, newfound hobbies or school curriculum. But what about the other areas in which we can enrich ourselves, our lives and our relationships? 

Life takes practice. There will always be curveballs thrown our way. Life is just simply not a straight line. Once we accept this fact, we can learn to not let the surprises, well… BE surprises. How do we conquer this and the resulting reactions we manifest? You got it… Practice! 

1. Silence. Carving silence into the day allows us the opportunity to quiet the mind and body, close the outside world outside of our personal space, and listen instead to the rhythm and song that is naturally beating out it’s melody to the deaf ears we often carry with us throughout our days. In the quiet our spirit stands in the space we’ve cracked open and has room to speak her mind, profess her wishes and sing our praises. The love and approval we seek outside of ourselves has a chance to expand within and nourishment has a chance to heal, strengthen and spill into the not-so-quiet times.

2. Gratitude. The more we consciously consider and give thanks for the amazing things that happen daily in our lives, the more those amazing things will appear. In those rushed moments of the day when the urge arrives to curse a blue streak at another driver, allow a co-worker’s actions to usher in negative thoughts, or the persistence of a needy child at the end of a long day leaves us ragged and aggravated… Stop. Breathe deeply. Take a moment to give thanks for the safe arrival to your final destination, for the job that allows you the ability to keep your family nourished and safe, or for the childlike wander and involvement that will be gone soon enough and leave you empty-nested and missing those tiny hands and voice. Give thanks. Then keep giving. You attract that which you project.

3. Humility. Humility feeds compassion and serves up love and acceptance in abundance. Stay humble. Practice giving up the ego. Practice. Practice. Practice.