Do you ever wake up and the first thought is… “Wow! This is my life!!” I think often times life becomes so mired in progress, goals, achievement, and deadlines that we forget to acknowledge the beauty of the journey itself. We forget that there are miracles all around and inside each of us.

When is the last time you thanked your body for being the healing vessel that it is? Do you treat it with the respect it deserves? In a world full of technology and big corporation… have you taken the time to marvel at the astoundingly complicated and intricate form that is your very own body? We build elaborate, mind-blowing techie stuff. We create start-ups that earn enough to wipe out world hunger… and then some. We bow to big pharma as the answer to our every ache, pain and DIS-ease. When will the time come that the most precious of inventions finally becomes the thing we protect and nurture the most? Ourselves. Our bodies. Our spirits. Our health and happiness. Our vitality. Our youth (YES! Even with each passing year… We can maintain the youthfulness that is so desired. It just takes work, patience and a lot of understanding.)

Start today with a little gratitude and love for another day! Abundance is all around you and just needs a spark of recognition and reverence from time to time to manifest many more blessings than imaginable. Now… I’m off to chase the Seattle sunrise…



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