A Room with a View

“This is an absolute necessity for anybody today. You must have a room, or a certain hour or so a day, where you don’t know what was in the newspapers that morning, you don’t know who your friends are, you don’t know what you owe anybody, you don’t know what anybody owes to you. This is a place where you can simply experience and bring forth what you are and what you might be. This is the place of creative incubation. At first you may find that nothing happens there. But if you have a sacred place and use it, something eventually will happen”

From “Joseph Campbell and the Power of Myth (with Bill Moyers)”

I am on the brink of a 30-day writing challenge (check it out here). I am excited. Scared. Hopeful. Jittery. And altogether nervous. This idea of sacred space is not new to me and all the more essential as I embark on this journey. It is also not new to tugging me into action. I have been a slow mover on this. Maybe I can finally give it the attention it deserves.

The hubs and I have a house with more places to sit than we have bums to sit in them. We laugh about it often. Just how many sitting areas can one house have? Seriously. So I recently decided to begin the process of beautifying the perfect space for me to write. As of now, it’s a little cavernous and empty. My hope is for it to feel like a cocoon. A place to which I can retreat, swaddled in sentimental items, create, write, think, be quiet, just BE. As I begin, I found the following article to be helpful: 5 Tips for Creating a Sacred Space.

I appreciate the need for uncluttered space if the desire is an uncluttered mind. I also am learning to retreat from mobile devices, social media and the likes when I first awake and before I drift off at night. I believe there is inherent anxiety surrounding our dependence upon such material things. The choice to either succumb or abstain is mine alone. The choice I make dictates the ease, serenity and fruitfulness of the morning and/or the peacefulness of my dreams to come.

To be sure, when I can, I carve out a little time in nature, gain a new perspective in the cleansing rain, to soak in the abundant miracles that surround us in our everyday lives. To sit. Be still. Be present in all the powerful wonder of this amazing gift of life, this miraculous universe full of energy and possibility. Our sacred space doesn’t inherently dictate that it must be indoors, in our homes, in our own yards. Find, cultivate, protect and nurture whatever space feels right, inspiring and reverent to you.

I am curious. What are your morning rituals for creating mindfulness, spaciousness, and peacefulness before starting about your day? What spaces have you created or claimed for yourself to calm the mind and nourish the spirit?

Love & Light

P.s. Here are a few of my inspiring finds!



A lifetime with friends

sex & the city

Almost 18 years ago… (17 and 49 weeks to be exact) I packed up my belongings in NYC, hugged one of my dearest friends goodbye, and moved on to my next adventure in life. Next week I will finally get to see that friend once again. To laugh together. Celebrate together. And just BE. I can’t say that I have been any more excited this summer than I am to make this lil’ trip north to Tarheel Country and give this gal a proper Southern welcome. Bring on the hugs, smiles, laughter, and wine… It’s about time to cut loose!

I think for each of us there are friendships that come and go like the changing of tides. Some remain steadfast as the pines, while those others slip away having changed us in the process. Stay or go, they all serve to nurture, provide strength and support, and help us grow as humans. I have learned this year that while my heart longs to love, nurture and stay loyal to all friendships; not all should remain active and close. It was a hard, necessary lesson.

Then, there are the ones that stick forever, regardless of space & time. These are the ones that 18 years can pass out of circumstance yet the smiles and laughter never miss a beat in reunion. The ones that fill your heart with joy with an out-of-the-blue phone call, e-mail, or random dug-up picture of past escapades. For instance, my friend, Julie, surprised me this year with a tagged post of a note I had given her on her birthday many years past. The smile that exploded on my face and in my heart was such a sweet reminder of a sister-love that will never die. I haven’t seen her in too many years to even recall. She lives in my heart though. And forever will. Should we not meet again in this lifetime her essence will live on in me through the next.

We all need friends like that. They change us. Imprint their spirits on our hearts. It is in true friendship that we learn how to be the humans we were meant to be.  tweet We see, hear, and feel the things that we most admire in others and weave those behaviors into the fibers that are us. As life goes on, we each become a little more of the people who have touched our lives along the journey.

I hope you know who yours are and have been… A lifetime is being built on their shoulders.

Love & Light

A Reverie of Crystal Pathways

I remember setting foot unchaperoned in NYC for the first time as a resident. WOW… what a tremendously liberated feeling! I felt as if my insides were about to explode and cast glitter and sparkle and everything hopeful, youthful and divine from my spirit right there onto the sparkly pavement of Park Avenue.

union square

I do recall a particular walk down Park toward Union Square when I realized that the streets were literally glittering… as if millions of Southern fireflies had escorted me from my quaint, comfortable family cattle farm in NC to the lively streets of the Big Apple. It appeared in that moment as if those homegrown fireflies had embedded themselves right there in the asphalt as a sort of personal yellow brick road… NYC-style. In that flash of time, I truly felt as if the world and my place in it were magnificent, living, breathing creatures with more possibility than my country bumpkin imagination could seem to scoop into it’s meager depth and breadth.

It was a moment that, obviously, has stuck with me.

I learned during that Big Apple summer that the asphalt used in their streets was supplemented with recycled glass. It is known as glassphalt. I was reminded of this same walk, and many more along the streets of NYC,  this past weekend as I visited the local recycling bins to deliver my used glass jars and bottles.  As I released each container into a symphony of cymbal clashes and percussion, those crystal pathways of my youth soared up to greet me with a flood of nostalgia and reverence.

I find myself nowadays, in midlife, searching for that same sense of possibility, wander and unsophistication as when I first experienced that big city on my own. It no longer requires such a giant change in scenery, zip codes and attitudes. I find that my present moments of fortuity and gratitude can quite nicely be found in everyday minutes and seconds spent in familiar surroundings. All it takes is a little shift in perspective and the desire to see the world as it is meant to be seen.




What distant moments have you relived lately? To where did they carry you? What long-ago forgotten feeling did they rekindle? The mere stickiness of the memory in our psyche suggests that even the smallest of events can be life changing. Don’t you think?

Feel free to sound off on yours below. I would love to read them!

Love & Light


Merely existing… or living?


We are given one precious life to learn, grow, give and love… One amazing body to nourish, protect, push and also love. We are given a heart to expand, to give to others and to feel the pulse of life rushing through the vessels of our human form; a reminder that life is for living each and every moment to the fullest. A call to live our purpose and give our best to the Universe as only each of us unique and worthy individuals can.

What will you do today to more than simply exist?

What beam of hope and love are you willing to manifest for the sole purpose of sending it out into the world as your offering of gratitude for another day of life?

Love & Light