A cleansing rain

It’s a fresh, clean smell that cannot be duplicated… a newly dawned summer morn, awash in the scent of rain. After the final voluminous drops liberated themselves from their prisonclouds today, I took a brief moment to stand in the midst of the beauty of a world rinsed clean. It was restorative. It was calming.

water drop 2

In the “hurry to and fro” lives we lead, what moments do you set aside to rejuvenate your spirit and warm your soul? In what ways do you honor the quiet, calming force of the spirit that lives within?

The world in which we dwell holds the answers to the questions we ponder more than any self-help book, talk show or therapist. Open your eyes, unveil your heart and sharpen your senses to the vast wisdom our universe preserves. The insight of the natural world houses a collective consciousness winding through a memorybank of time and place and experience. The greatest tomes of truth and existence can be unearthed by those who are patient enough to be still in the face of so many questions of the heart.

Be still. Your truth will come.

Speaking of truth…

What untruths are you allowing to replay in your mind, your heart, your life, your relationships? What positive, life-affirming, worthy ones are you too afraid to believe in?

Our conversations with ourselves and others, thought patterns, movement patterns, habits, and daily surroundings all contribute to the threads of life that shape each of us. Be they positive or negative, they constantly mold our daily lives, our emotions, our interactions, and our beliefs about ourselves, our communities and our very own futures.

Perhaps it is time to find that special spark of interest that acts much like the morning rain I stood in awe of this morning as the pristine beauty of nature shone through. Something that polishes the life force known as you. One that cleanses the rusted, tired, tarnished, and complicated parts of you. One that reveals the natural beauty of an unparalleled majestic creature of this earth.

Find your cleansing rain…

Sing in it. Dance in it. Soak it in.

Love & Light


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