Stronghold & My Inner Discovery


Yesterday’s Stronghold Challenge, though the first ever organized by Discovery Church, was a tough, tough course! 25 obstacles completed in two loops for a total of a 5K distance. While the distance wasn’t far… the back to back obstacles made for a massive strength challenge unmatched thus far in my other two OCRs. Four obstacles in I found myself rappelled into a ravine with only one way out… about five 2″ ropes on a very steep, very muddy slope. I tried. Then tried again. Then tried a third thru about twelfth time. No luck. I was beaten. I was pissed. I was extremely fatigued. And I didn’t have a clue how to get myself out of there. The obstacle was monikered, The Ravine of Retaliation. Well, it had lived up to it’s name. Finally ditching my stubbornness and repetitive failure on one particular rope I switched to a different path up the backside of that ravine and eventually made it to the top. Did I say this was the fourth obstacle? There were 21 more to go. Including doing this particular one a second time.

I did not quit!

Fear got into my head and remained there for a better part of the next 30 minutes. But again, I did not quit!

By the time I battled out my first loop, to the cheers and encouragement of the already done husband and friends, the last thing I wanted to do was complete another loop. Once again, I did not quit. I kept going. Ahead was the same brutal path I had just completed. With a rope climb as the final obstacle. Halfway thru my husband jumped in to complete the final obstacles with me. I was battling every demon in my head. He was telling me not to give up. I was shaking, tired, completely worn out and convinced that I would not be able to make the rope climb. He admonished me for defeating myself. You know what? Tired, total muscle fatigue, royally pissed off at that ravine still… I conquered that rope! Had I quit I wouldn’t have known I had it in me still. I wouldn’t have the satisfaction I can wake up with today of simply finishing something that I set out to complete.

In the moments that my willpower and strength of mind won out over my body and my self-doubt… I became a winner.

Choose your decisions wisely.

Love & Light


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