Monday ReCharge+ 6.30.14


Each and every day we awake with powerful freedom.  tweet

Freedom to live our lives by the design of our own hearts and minds.

We choose gratitude or thanklessness. We choose positivity or negativity; compassion or apathy. We choose to awaken the power of grace in each moment we live or we choose to remain focused on life’s struggles, thereby inviting more strife and discontent into our lives. We choose. We always have the freedom to choose.

Choose to let the past go and live the best life you can now… today. Choose to greet the day and each person in it with humility and kindness. Choose to let your dreams take flight and carry you into an amazing and abundant future.

Choose wisely. The freedom is yours…

Happy Monday.

Love & Light Always ~K


Loving the questions, living the answers…


At the beginning of 2014 I began the journey of mapping my core desires and aligning those basic, soul-affirming needs with my daily life. I wrote down words and feelings on sticky notes, stuck them about my office and car, and let them simmer for days as I sat with each of them. Ultimately I whittled them down to five words that I wished to shape my life around in the coming year. At the time, I had come to a place in life that I found myself making some destructive decisions. I also found myself asking and answering some tough questions. Questions I told myself I should have asked and answered long before. Ones that surely would have helped circumvent the turmoil that introduced me to 2014.

Fast-forward a few months to present day and I still have the questions. I still have the doubt. I still have the uncertainty. Sometimes. But I also have some powerfully soulful new habits that affirm the validity of the life I strive to lead and the deservedness of realizing those desires. I find that I am making more choices for myself. Taking more time for the things I need to see, do and be. I am not sure that life will ever truly be in balance. Equally not sure that it is even meant to be.

Think about that!

Finding the elusive balance for which everyone seeks might just lead to complacency. The questions themselves… looking inward for areas of improvement, reflecting and looking outward for sure signs of growth… these are all part of the journey that lead us toward the lives we were meant to fulfill. Much like 19 C. poet Ranier Maria Rilke bespoke, I am learning one day at a time to “love the questions themselves” and hopefully find patience and peace enough to then “live my way into the answers.” For truly, without the questions themselves, I am fearful that I will cease to grow, learn, expand and evolve.


During this weekend of reflection I decided to narrow my core feelings down to four instead of the five I initially began 2014. I haven’t given up on this fifth feeling. Just decided that four was more manageable and that if I were truly living by the four… the fifth would happen as a result.

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How do you wish to feel in your daily life? How do you want to awake each morning and turn in every night? How about the hours in between? A little shift in perspective can bridge the gap between soul-sucking inadequacy or life-affirming abundance. We cannot change yesterday, but it’s never too late to change today!

Love & Light



A cleansing rain

It’s a fresh, clean smell that cannot be duplicated… a newly dawned summer morn, awash in the scent of rain. After the final voluminous drops liberated themselves from their prisonclouds today, I took a brief moment to stand in the midst of the beauty of a world rinsed clean. It was restorative. It was calming.

water drop 2

In the “hurry to and fro” lives we lead, what moments do you set aside to rejuvenate your spirit and warm your soul? In what ways do you honor the quiet, calming force of the spirit that lives within?

The world in which we dwell holds the answers to the questions we ponder more than any self-help book, talk show or therapist. Open your eyes, unveil your heart and sharpen your senses to the vast wisdom our universe preserves. The insight of the natural world houses a collective consciousness winding through a memorybank of time and place and experience. The greatest tomes of truth and existence can be unearthed by those who are patient enough to be still in the face of so many questions of the heart.

Be still. Your truth will come.

Speaking of truth…

What untruths are you allowing to replay in your mind, your heart, your life, your relationships? What positive, life-affirming, worthy ones are you too afraid to believe in?

Our conversations with ourselves and others, thought patterns, movement patterns, habits, and daily surroundings all contribute to the threads of life that shape each of us. Be they positive or negative, they constantly mold our daily lives, our emotions, our interactions, and our beliefs about ourselves, our communities and our very own futures.

Perhaps it is time to find that special spark of interest that acts much like the morning rain I stood in awe of this morning as the pristine beauty of nature shone through. Something that polishes the life force known as you. One that cleanses the rusted, tired, tarnished, and complicated parts of you. One that reveals the natural beauty of an unparalleled majestic creature of this earth.

Find your cleansing rain…

Sing in it. Dance in it. Soak it in.

Love & Light

Monday ReCharge+ 6.16.14

“The tree which moves some to tears of joy is in the eyes of others only a green thing that stands in the way. Some see nature all ridicule and deformity… and some scarce see nature at all. But to the eyes of the man of imagination, nature is imagination itself.” ― William Blake

To sit among the quite strength of trees… To be still among the crisp rustling of leaves… To loosen one’s grip on the world as a giant machine and to instead sharpen the mind’s eye, the soul’s ear and the heart’s call to the magnitude and beauty of LIFE in our natural world… These are the blessings and bounty of which dreams are made. Be still. Inhale the breath of the Universe. Exhale the chaos of industry.

Be still. Inhale. Exhale. See. Feel. Be.  tweet

sesqui 6.16.14

Love & Light



Where are you allowing your dreams to take you? Are they the pulse that is driving your every step, your every thought, your every connection? What is your purpose? Your reason for being? We each carry within us a unique combination of traits, talents, desires and drive that gives purpose to our lives and becomes our legacy to those we touch.

Live life out loud.  tweet

Crash through any barriers standing between you and your dreams. Living a life toward your purpose is what you were created to do. Only you can set the dreams in motion that are uniquely yours and only you can pursue them as you were meant to do. It’s time to take charge and set your life’s purpose in motion.

It starts.


Love & Light

One way or another…

one way

Let’s face it… we are all on the same course of birth, life, death. What we do with our time here, each and every day, determines the legacy we leave behind when we depart this lifetime. Each choice, each adventure, each challenge and tribulation and the attitude with which we approach these moments defines our journey along the way. One way or another, the destination is ultimately the same. Choose wisely.

Live life out loud.

Love passionately.

And always, always leave those around you with smiles on their faces and gratitude in their hearts.

Love & Light


Sesqui 6.11.14




Leave no trace.

Take a break.

Step outside today and breathe in the beauty of the world around you. Only when we breathe nature’s life into our lungs and soak the light of the Heavens into our souls can we become in tune with the richest, deepest, truest parts of ourselves. In those moments we experience the miracle of life and the possibility of peace.

 Love & Light