Growing in Love…

So this week has been hugely transformative… Like a budding flower ripe for the freshest of coffee table centerpieces… full of potential, hope and beauty to offer those will to slow down and appreciate their Bounty!

In my quest for a life fully lived… a love fully deserved and a heart fully, well, FULL… I have pondered many ways to make my life richer in the past 10,080 minutes (or 7 days). Many areas, ALL really, could be tweaked and realigned or centered a little better. Work. Health. Love. Home. Spirit. I have embraced the knowledge that my spirit has to be nurtured and loved first and foremost if I am to have any positivity to give to the other parts that make up ME.

When I asked myself this: “What are some effortless, love-filled things I can do daily that will blossom into an undeniably powerful and raw beauty?” My answer came to me immediately. And while it was not a singular, direct action to take on myself… it IS and has always been one of the most important things to me… My husband. My marriage.

So in this phase of stumbling, mistake-making, self-discovery I decided that just like Sarah Ban Breathnach coaxed us years ago in her book Simple Abundance, I needed to verbally, willfully, gleefully submit my gratitude and appreciation to my husband daily. After all, let’s face it… this is exactly what I have been telling him that I need as well. He recently expressed to me that he hoped in our moments of carefree abandon from the “real world” moments of our life together that I could feel his love for me, see it in his eyes, feel it in his touch. Indeed, I do! Those moments are precious, cherished and beautiful… but… They still aren’t the same as hearing the feelings expressed in words. Words that drench my soul in affection and uniqueness. Words that wrap my heart in a love-infused blanket of oneness and communion.

So I have set out to write him daily notes of affection, love, appreciation and gratitude for all that he is to me. It is so easy in a world and society that rushes on without concern for each singular moment to shove those thoughts aside in order to keep pushing the wheel of fortune. It is easy to think to oneself that our significant other can and will “feel” what we think they should feel without having to express it in words. That what they should be feeling from us is enough to sustain the romance that introduced them into our lives.

Psst… I have a secret to tell you…

Most of us are virtually disharmonic to our instincts… our intuition… and, yes, our feelings. We have learned in this materialistic world in which we live that feelings are too emotional and flighty; that we need to “think with our heads, not with our hearts”; that our egos are the place from which all success flows and the heart will lead us astray or into certain madness should we let it run a muck. With all those odds stacked against the most human part of our physical being, how can we possibly learn to live by it and feel that which we may need to also occasionally hear?

It is such a small thing, but one I truly feel can make a HUGE difference in our lives… one day, one note, one e-mail at a time. I am willing to put in the little smidgen of effort to make my life and love EXTRA-ordinary!

Love & Light


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